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Putting things in perspective becomes the agenda for today’s meeting with Steve. I’m not usually a paranoid person, but since facing the fact that I need a place to go I’ve felt a dense fog hovering as it obscures the unknowns in my life. With time to think, and with the help of an objective listener with whom to share my thoughts, that fog is beginning to clear so I can view my possibilities at a safer distance.

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I find each day unique and unplanned as I concentrate on finding new living quarters. I wonder what ever happened to the nitty-gritty routine of the past when I rushed out the door in the morning, tackled rush hour traffic, yearned for the workday to end, and spent the evening recuperating. Granted, such a habitual life lacked excitement and adventure, yet there was security in knowing what to expect and freedom in not trying to make frequent logical decisions. Now, even a specific plan for when or what to eat, I feel discombobulated.

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I sometimes reflect on how I know I am doing the right thing. I then ask myself, how does this choice make you feel? I rely on both my stomach and my heart to direct me. If I feel an ache, a rumbling, or the sensation of a knot in the pit of my stomach, it’s telling me that I am not on the right track. If I feel light-hearted, energized and joyful, the choice is a good one. In other words, you know you are doing the right thing by the joy it will bring. That’s how the heart is guided.

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Now the real work begins as I plunge into preparing to move to the Ridge a mere three days from today. I continue sorting, shredding, storing and packing and am constantly confronted with making decisions.. I often find myself being whisked down memory lane and swept into the past as I come across items of sentimental value.

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Looking back at the challenges of this summer—the shock of impending homelessness, the monsters on the bus vying for my driver’s seat, the heavy burden of the imbalance between the unknown and the known—I  realize that I grew in self-knowledge and awareness. Granted, encountering setbacks is not pleasant; on the other hand, the results of such struggles can produce delicious fruits.

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Volunteer Opportunity

Franciscan Peace Center, Lexington, Kentucky

It wasn’t until I made the decision to return to Lexington and not go forward into religious life that I realized the actual “call” I had originally heard. It wasn’t to become a vowed Sister of St. Francis of Clinton, Iowa; rather, it was to remain associated with the community and live more deeply their commitment to active nonviolence and peacemaking. It became my passion and it fit like a glove.

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