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Orangeville, Ontario Canada, May 2013

DSCN2037_bA tradition Master Moy incorporated into the Taoist Tai Chi Society is celebrating certain occasions with a Chinese Banquet. Tonight we board school buses and travel to Toronto to celebrate Mother’s Day at Dim Sum King Seafood Restaurant in the heart of Chinatown, Master Moy’s favorite place. This is one of three Chinese banquets the International Society hosts each year; the others are on Thanksgiving and the Chinese New Year. …

fresh_catch_bThe Toronto banquet consists of a twelve-course meal lasting five hours. We are entertained by musicians and singers, introductions of dignitaries who say a few (or more) words, and table talk. Several people at my table are French-speaking. My rusty French is tested; we nod and smile a lot. … There are approximately three hundred people in attendance; service is unhurried, hence the length of time. it is a wonderful introduction to the Chinese culture, as well as a testimony to the merits that the Taoist Tai Chi Society has bestowed upon Toronto, thanks to Master Moy. (p247-248)

In his youth, when he was suffering from poor health, Master Moy made a vow to Kuan Yin (Guanyin), the bodhisattva (Deity) of compassion, that if his health improved, he would devote his life to helping others. Master Moy Lin Shin made good on his vow. (p249)



As I prepare to drive north for the final leg of my Gypsy journey, I reflect on my meandering relationship with all things Canadian. My lifetime journey with and through this country played a significant role in my emotional development from childhood to adult to senior. I grew from hating Canada to loving Canada. I chose this place to end my Gypsy journey.

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Sleep is elusive my first night in Orangeville, although I awake before the alarm sounds. I am looking forward to learning how the volunteer process works. Before the day actually begins, I walk around the lake.

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The final leg of my Gypsy journey is bittersweet. I prefer looking at it as an accomplishment rather than an end. Gratitude abounds from my heart to have had this relationship with my neighbor across the great lake. As such and through the years, my emotional status greatly improved and now rests in peace.

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