Emma and Pat

Emma and Pat

almost-bare weeping cherries surround the pond

near-bare Weeping Cherries surround the pond…

yellow leaves hang on to the Weeping Cherry trees

…their yellow leaves hang on…

...while the Cypress needles are turning red

…while Cypress tree needles are turning red, Bud and Emma between them

the gallant Ginko stands tall

a gallant Ginko stands tall…

...and other Ginko leaves boast of their golden-yellow color

…its leaves boast of their gold

a sign of beauty

a sign of beauty…

...then some

…and then some

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
Albert Camus

It’s time for another trip to the Lexington Cemetery. Lingering autumn leaves begin to fall after they gracefully transition into reds, golds, and browns. A day like today takes my breath away. Come see.

Emma is invited to come along, too. She is our neighbor’s Labradoodle who loves to venture beyond her own territory. Her job is to shepherd those pesky squirrels up the trees where she thinks they belong.