February 1, 2014

Today I passed a milestone: I finished the first draft of my “Wandering Woman” book. Here are the stats: 213 pages; 59,516 words. Woohoo! The entire book is now posted on the blog with pictures (see below).

Next step: the manuscript is now in the hands of my second editor, Leslie at the Carnegie Center. She will read the entire contents and make suggestions for a second revision.

Step 2: I will attend the Books in Progress conference at Carnegie Center in June and talk with an agent. I then hope to make a decision as to finding a publisher or self-publishing my book.

Closure: My first editor Beth and I celebrated our accomplishment at the Bluebird Cafe yesterday. We worked together for a year. The timing is perfect for her as she is starting a full-time job at Berea College on Monday.

Landmarks: The timing for me is momentous as today marks the 30th anniversary of husband Joe’s death; this year will also mark our 50th wedding anniversary. I’m sure he is rejoicing with me.

Thanks to all my “followers” for your support in this venture. I will keep you posted with updates as they happen.

P.S. Watch for the next installments of my current life entitled “Home, home on the ridge”.


pat griffin